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Welcome to Vea House of Wellness

Hello. I’m Lucie, and I am so grateful to have discovered the power of yoga, healing therapies and spirituality. It has changed my life and it can change yours, too. 


Life can throw us some challenging times which, without the right tools and support, can send us down difficult roads that we often can’t find our way out of. However, it is in walking down these roads that we are gifted with the chance to cultivate a powerful shift and enter a wonderful space of growth. I learnt that if we lean in to understand what is going on for us, to enquire and explore, transformation begins. When we start to let go, physically and emotionally, we reach a place of acceptance - and the lightness we seek will start to appear.


Now, my life purpose is to pass this discovery on to others. To help others experience their own transformation, to live a life that is easier, better, brighter and lighter. From this standpoint, we are able to journey through life with ease. We feel grounded, healthier, contented and free.

I have over 15 years experience in the world of health, fitness, wellness and alternative healing therapies. 

I take a holistic approach, combining mind, body and soul in a tailored way to meet my clients’ needs. 

Yoga Alliance certified, I have been blessed to learn with incredible teachers. Studying with Yoga Master Sri Dharma Mittra, I completed 500 Advanced Teacher Training & Nadi Kaja 200 Teacher Training. 

Premier Trained and certified Physical Therapist & Personal Trainer  and Mindset Practitioner,

ThetaHealing practitioner and both Thai Massage and Thai Orthopaedic therapist as influenced by Noam Tyroler instructed by the Wat Po School in Bangkok and certified by Thai Healing Alliance International.


I have supported people of all ages along their health and well-being journeys, allowing them to live and feel their best, and helping them on their path to their highest potential.

Get in touch to find out more. Take the first step to discover how much better things can be.

There are many ways I can help you, wherever you are in your journey. 

So why wait, let's explore together.

Our Offer


The journey of healing and inner peace starts within. Yoga is a place that can start this journey, witnessing our external and internal worlds by rooting our practice in enquiry, exploration, acceptance and self-love that continue off the mat. As a yoga teacher and Thai Massage Therapist, I would like those who wish to journey with me to appreciate that their inner world is a doorway into their own truth and discovery which becomes accessible when we get tuned into the wisdom of the light within.


Through ThetaHealing, I am able to help my clients reach a deeper state of knowing so that they are able to release blockages that keep them from reaching and actualising their highest potential. The combination of yoga, movement and Theta allow for a richer and more meaningful experience toward self-knowledge and connection with Oneness.

Our Services


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Group Yoga

Group Meditation

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Theta Healing, Yoga, 

Thai Massage, Medical Thai Massage,  Meditation

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Private and Corporate




+972 (0) 54 646 5088

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